Announcing Text #MNREC


A couple of months ago we launched our event and conference mobile app, to provide members with additional information and content on-the-fly. Throughout 2013 we have continued to identify additional ways to invest in our community development, conferences, events and member engagement.

Just as with our app, we’ve been looking at mobile as a channel to share news and conference information and we’re we’re excited to officially announce the “text mnrec” campaign.

text mnrec

What is “text mnrec”? Once you text mnrec to 82257, you will:

  • Be the first to know about upcoming events
  • Receive exclusive event and conference registration discounts not available anywhere
  • Receive other member updates

Worried about receiving too many text messages? Don’t be – and here’s why:

  • We will not send more than 1 text message per month
  • Minnesota Recruiters does not sell or rent any contact information for our members
  • We continue using a secure, outside professional service to manage information.

So what are you waiting for? Text mnrec to 82257 today!

Have other items you’d like us to consider for the development calendar or feedback? Send us an email.

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